Cultured Meat


This Think Tank Wants to End Factory Farming

The Sentience Institute believes it can find answers to today’s problems in the history of social movements.
Matthew Gault

The World's First Lab-Grown Chicken Finger Was Just Unveiled

In addition to the chicken strips and duck à l'orange, Memphis Meats plans to launch several poultry products playing off "classic American staples.”
Alex Swerdloff

We’ll Be Growing Christmas Turkeys in Labs by 2030

Test tube poultry could soon be coming to a supermarket near you.
Daisy Meager

The Road to a Post-Meat World Starts in China

The meat industry is an arena of mixed signals thanks to the globally interconnected nature of the business and those who are trying to curtail our dependence on it. And at the center of the meat chatter is China.
Nick Pachelli

Why the Meat Factories of the Future Will Look Like Breweries

"If you tour a meat factory in the future, it will look like a brewery—basically with big meat fermentors," says Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute, an organization that helps to fund research and policy initiatives to develop cultured meat...
Gigen Mammoser

Scientists Want to Rebrand Lab-Grown Meat as 'Clean Meat'

The Good Food Institute, which funds research into cultured and plant-based animal products, hopes to change consumer perception of lab-grown meat by rebranding it as “clean” food.
Daisy Meager

Why Eating Lab-Grown Meat Will Be More Ethical Than Eating a Vegetable

Synthetic biologists argue that because the cells used to culture meat are 'taken out of context,' they are less alive than even plants.
Jason Koebler
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The European Union Just Banned the Cloning of Farm Animals

Scottish-born Dolly the Sheep may have the honor of being the first cloned animal, but Scotland and the rest of the European Union nations have just passed a measure that bans the cloning of farm animals in the future.
Alex Swerdloff

Science Wants to Grow Chicken in a Test Tube

First came the $325,000 lab-grown burger. Now a group of Israeli scientists want to tackle that other protein found on every store-bought salad and deli panini: the humble chicken.
Munchies Staff