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"Edible" Glitter Might Not Actually Be

According to the FDA, even if your glitter is non-toxic, it might not be edible.
Jelisa Castrodale

Blogger Sues Food Network for Allegedly Copying Her Cupcake Recipe

Recipes aren't typically covered by copyright law, but expression is.
Alex Swerdloff
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Michelada Cupcakes Are the Best Way to Eat Your Booze

Because the only way you can improve upon a michelada is with buttercream.
Teresa Finney

Thoughtful Teens Celebrate Jewish Friend’s Birthday with Swastika Cupcakes

Friends of a Jewish girl in Arizona decided to show their celebration of her birthday by decorating cupcakes with chocolate frosting swastikas. Why? For the presumable lulz, of course.
Gigen Mammoser

Inside the Dutch Bakery That Doubles as a DIY World War II Museum

Come for a baguette, stay for the helmets that Tiësto's grandfather turned into colanders.
Frederieke van der Molen, texte : Charlotte Simons
Frederieke van der Molen, Words: Charlotte Simons
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These Cannabis Cupcakes Are the Best Reason to Turn on the Oven

You don't need the Platinum Blueberry-based cannabutter to make these chocolate-frosted cupcakes taste amazing—but if you do use it, you'll be on that endless summer tip all week.
Munchies Staff

Bong Appetit: Budcakes

Come along as Abdullah visits Washington’s Vashon Island on a quest to make some seriously dank–and locally sourced–cannabis cupcakes.
Abdullah Saeed

Meet the Die-Hard Smiths Fan Who Bakes Morrissey's Face Into Cakes

Vivian Guerrero has attended more than 150 Morrissey concerts worldwide and she recently extended her ways of praising Moz’s greatness by baking cakes with his handsome mug plastered all over it—torched chocolate chest hair included.
Javier Cabral

This Week in Food Porn: Spiced Coconut, Edible Flowers, and Hummus

Introducing the best of this week’s food porn—all the hearts, all the plates, all the flowers, and all the cakes.
Nell Frizzell
shitty food

The Definitive Guide to Surviving Picnics

A lot of people have many questions about picnics, and most of them are about what kinds of plates and cups you should bring. If you’re worried about plates and cups, you’re going to have a horrible picnic.
Shit Food Blogger

Meet the Female Fitness Competitor Who Traded Weights for Cake Pops

Five years ago, Shirley Hughes Tubbs subsisted on baked cod and spent more than 15 hours a week at the gym. Today, she sells incredibly fattening, sugar-laden cupcakes for a living.
Gray Chapman

This Giant Vending Machine Gives Cupcakes to Indians Who 'Like' the Government

It might only benefit the company that made it. But hey, cupcakes.
Jason Koebler