• 8.8.16

      Why the Olympics Are an ‘International Festival of Sports Pseudoscience’

      Cupping is just one science-free ‘therapy’ on display in Rio.

    • 7.31.14

      I Cupped Guy Fieri's Beans

      In a quest to learn the true meaning behind 'Flavortown', I gathered a group of professional Oregon coffee cuppers to assess Guy Fieri's new coffee line, Flavortown Roasts, to slurp and sip on the food personality's brews.

    • 6.22.14

      Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia: Part Three

      On our coffee-sourcing journey through the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, we visited a series of coffee washing stations to collect samples for cupping and roasting. But on our way there, we had a brush with death that changed the course of our...

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