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Making Your Own Salmon Gravlax Is Stupid-Easy and Cheap, Too

This flavorful, simple homemade cured salmon recipe is a year-round treat.
Munchies Staff
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This Red Snapper Is Too Delicious to Cook—So Make a Crudo

If you have a really good piece of fish, sometimes the best thing you can do is not even cook it.
Munchies Staff

How to Make Heritage Pork Charcuterie with Justin Severino

"Make some really bad charcuterie, document what you did, and then make it better."
Alex Swerdloff

Salt Is a Secret Weapon

Salt, if properly understood and utilized, can be an indispensable tool in a home cook's arsenal. The problem is that most home cooks don't know how to use it properly.
Dan Geltner
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Your Very Own Cured Salmon Awaits This Weekend If You Start Today

Believe it or not, your next brunch meal could include homemade squid-ink baguettes salmon that you cured yourself. But you've got to prep now, Martha Stewart.
Munchies Staff

We Should All Be Performing Meat Sorcery and Curing Our Own Bacon

Curing and smoking meat is the antithesis of fast food. Dry curing, brining, hot and cold smoking takes good ingredients and turns them into elevated versions of themselves.
Steven Lamb

A Severed Pig’s Head Showed Me the Importance of Ethical Farming

A London curing company has started its own "meat school"—a butchery course on preparing and preserving the ‘other bits’ left behind in industrial meat production.
Merlin Jobst

How to Kill Deadly Snakes That Want You Dead

I live in the Cajun bayou by myself. After finding a poisonous snake nearby, I did what I had to do: kill it or risk being bitten. What happened next involved my most prized ingredient, truffle salt, and an activity I never expected I would find myself...
Rachel Nederveld