Curses Returns to "The Deep End" With a Nostalgic Mix of B-Horror Film Samples and Classic EBM

In celebration of a re-issue and the inaugural vinyl release from his Safer At Night label, the NYC-via-Berlin producer returns to his ever spookier roots dating back to a track from 2007.


We Interviewed Serengeti About the Chicago Cubs Playing for Their First World Series Title in 108 Years

The Chicago rapper speaks about Steve Bartman, the plight of Cubs fandom, and Harry Caray.


CURSE UPDATE: Lil B Explains Why Kevin Durant Is Playing so Well (EXCLUSIVE)

"What’s going on is that he’s fighting the curse. He wants to beat the curse."


Throwback Thursday: How A Beer Boycott Caused the NHL and WHA Merger

If the Red Sox had the Curse of the Bambino and the Cubs have the Curse of the Billy Goat, then the Leafs have the Curse of the WHA.


The Capitals Are Dominating the NHL—Now Comes the Hard Part

Washington has been the best team in the NHL all season, which is nothing new. The challenge, as in all the years before, is carrying that into the playoffs.


The Truth Behind Serbia's Notorious Witchcraft Subculture

Vlach magic is an integral part in everyday life in eastern Serbia, but the country's mainstream media has linked the practice to mass killings and crime across the country. Is there any truth to those claims?


Before DRM, There Were Mesopotamian Boundary Stones

A huge copyright nerd visits the British Museum.


Curses Discusses Moving to Berlin, Trouble & Bass, and a Crazy Shower on The Rave Curious Podcast 002

A talk with Trouble and Bass founder and former Drop the Lime, Luca Venezia.


Anthony Davis and the Draft Lottery Winners' Curse

The NBA Draft Lottery sells hope, but history shows that franchises bad enough to land the No. 1 pick are seldom good enough to surround that player with championship-level talent.


Why Do Teens Love Witchcraft So Much?

An interview with sociologist Helen A. Berger about paganism, how young people get into spells, and coming out of the "broom closet."