Why Russia is about to disconnect itself from the internet

NATO and its allies have threatened to retaliate against Russian aggression in cyberspace
David Gilbert
internet privacy

Yesterday on the Internet: Turns out Trump supporters care about internet privacy

On Wednesday, House Republicans voted to block Obama-era rules about information privacy for internet service providers. Now, the future of online privacy is in the very capable hands of one President Donald J. Trump.
Michael Kalenderian

'Neuromancer' Inspired This Futuristic Group Show

Five artists try to escape their flesh prisons through painting, drawing, and sculpture.
Alyssa Buffenstein

Revisiting the First Virtual Reality Wedding

Monika and Hugh Jo's "wedding in cyberspace" was a punchline for over a decade. Today they regret nothing.
Mike Pearl

I'm Going to Minnesota to Compete in the Netrunner World Championships

Why the popular cyberpunk card game may be the best game I have ever played.
Daniel Joseph

We Discussed Australia’s Obsolete Military Strategy With a Defence Expert

The Government is about to publish their long-term defence strategy and Alan Dupont is worried. We asked the security expert and former diplomat about why Australia is falling behind the times.
Julian Morgans

William Gibson Talks Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, and His Experiences in Hollywood

We spoke to the legendary science fiction writer about his legacy as tech "noir prophet," his new book, and writing the Hollywood flop "Johnny Mnemonic."
Joseph Walsh
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4Chan Is Just the Latest Medium For an Age-Old Murder Message

Gruesome photos of a woman strangled to death were posted on 4Chan this week, but this particular type of horror is hardly unique to 4Chan or even the internet age.
Natasha Lennard
Motherboard Blog

Why William Gibson Invented Cyberspace

It turns out that the father of virtual reality just wanted a new setting for his science fictions.
Brian Merchant
Harvard and the Race to Claim Potentially Damning Web Addresses

As new web addresses become available, stakes are heightening for companies and other brands that have something to lose.
Greg Thomas
Motherboard Blog

Rocket Radio

William Gibson's 1989 essay on “The Net.”
William Gibson
Motherboard Blog

What Does the Internet Look Like?

In 2007, _Popular Science_ broke important ground in Internet visualization theory—an ongoing effort to describe what happens behind our computer screens, or, more accurately, beyond them, inside Ethernet cables and satellites lying around in the upper...
Christine Smallwood