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Calling All Cyndi Lauper and Cam'Ron Fans: Here's "Dime After Dime"

"The fiends gonna be waiting... dime after dime."
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Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie Will Fulfil His Destiny by Starring in Broadway's Kinky Boots

He was basically made for this.
Lauren O'Neill
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Watch Fiona Apple Shit on Trump As Much As She Can at the Standing Rock Benefit Show

She performed "Trump's Roasted Nuts" and covered "Money Changes Everything."
Phil Witmer
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Transcripts Reveal Weird Comments from 'Skin Man' Donald Trump

"She needs some serious fucking dermatology," the Republican presidential nominee said of one contestant on his TV show.
River Donaghey
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I Asked Every Girl at Cyndi Lauper’s Glastonbury Show How Much Fun They Were Having

“I can’t even describe the levels of fun I am experiencing right now!”
Daisy Jones

Cyndi Lauper Still Just Wants to Have Fun and Not Be Told What to Do

The pop icon's in fiery form as she tells us about her new LP, the media pitting successful women against each other, and why after 30 plus years she's still a rebel with a cause.
Nick Levine
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“Pussy, Pussy, Power, Power!” Why Female Pop Anthems About Self-Love Dominated 2015

2015 was the year of self-love anthems made by and for women.
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The Wrestling Album: An Oral History

On November 20, 1985, The Wrestling Album entered the Billboard Top 100. It remains one of the most bizarre, eclectic, and enduring legacies of wrestling's mainstream popularity.
Patrick Sauer
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Roddy Piper Came Here to Chew Bubblegum and Kick Ass and Now We're All Out of Roddy Piper

The famed pro wrestling heel died from a heart attack at the age of 61.
VICE Staff

Anamanaguchi Glitched Out Cyndi Lauper

It turns out girls, boys AND video game characters just wanna have fun

Insult to Injury: Week Ending 12/27 with Santa Claus

Here's what the Noisey editors were listening to this week while trying, and failing, to bake Christmas cookies.

On Style: Alexis from Sleigh Bells Talks Cycling Shorts, Blondie, and Meeting Courtney Love

Some people are sniffy about the juncture between fashion and music because, shouldn’t it always be about the songs? No actually, that’s bullshit. So we talked to Alexis about style and stuff.
Kim Taylor Bennett