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Cynthia Nixon Sees Her Progressive Influence in Cuomo's 2019 Agenda

Former gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon took some credit for pushing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to the left on issues like reproductive rights and legalizing marijuana.


Democrats Are Getting Ever So Slowly Nudged to the Left

New York's big primary night shows how progressives are gaining ground even when they're not winning the big races.


Cynthia Nixon Lost the Battle, But Progressive Women Won the War

Cynthia Nixon fell to Governor Andrew Cuomo Thursday night, but the insurgent candidates who challenged former members of the Independent Democratic Conference sailed to victory.


Progressive Women Are Aligning to Break Up New York's Political Boys' Club

Women running in New York, like Cynthia Nixon, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Zephyr Teachout, have campaigned alongside each other, strategically forming a "sisterhood" to overthrow a bloc of sitting male incumbents.


Cynthia Nixon on Her Run for Governor and What It Means to Be a Miranda

"I was a daughter for a long time and then I became a mother," she said. "I became more comfortable with the idea of my own opinion mattering and being able to say it out loud."


Cynthia Nixon Doesn't Want a Salary if She's Elected Governor

At Wednesday night's New York gubernatorial debate, Nixon and opponent Governor Andrew Cuomo clashed over who was more "corporate."


Andrew Cuomo Received $25,000 Donation From Harvey Weinstein's Law Firm

The New York governor accepted the hefty donation at the same time he temporarily halted a probe into the handling of a 2015 case about Weinstein's alleged misconduct.


No liberals' heads were harmed in the making of this newsletter

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Cynthia Nixon Will Smoke Weed Again If It's Legalized in New York

Cynthia Nixon has a more progressive stance on recreational marijuana than her primary opponent, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


Cynthia Nixon is trying to be the next liberal hero of New York

Nixon’s campaign is out to de-glitter New York and show that this Democratic stronghold actually kinda sucks for a lot of Democratic voters.


Leftists Explain Why They Love Cynthia Nixon

"It's refreshing to be pandered to."