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Me Against the World No Longer: Why I'm Getting Rid of My 2Pac Tattoo

Pac's words reminded me that I wasn’t the only one who ever felt young and lost, but now I can't imagine returning to that place of depression and anger.
Andrew Martin
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How Bjork and Beyoncé Destroyed Pop Music's Heartbroken Woman

When women are angry, they are expected to be sexy. When women are hurt, they are expected to be dignified. These two records changed that.
Daisy Jones

I Discover All the Best Music in My Life Through Video Games, and I’m Not Alone

Without Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Grand Theft Auto, and Dave Mirra, my music library would probably be a near empty vessel.
Mat Ombler
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PREMIERE: Watch PJ Harvey's Seamus Murphy-Directed Video for "The Wheel"

With her ninth LP— 'The Hope Six Demolition Project'—imminent, we reveal the record's first video with Harvey and Murphy's journey to Kosovo at its center.
Kim Taylor Bennett
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Forget Nirvana, Pearl Jam Was the Most Influential Band of the 90s

Nirvana is the band we say changed rock, but we know deep down Eddie Vedder's voice captured the 90s.
Brendan Kelly

How Should We Measure Rap Success in 2015?

For some people, album sales continue to be the sole metric for tracking success. Here are some other alternatives.
David Turner
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Way Out West: How Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, and Brainfeeder Are Bringing Jazz Back to the People

An LA electronic label is making jazz cool to people who don’t listen to jazz—an impossible dream for most jazz labels. How did we get here?
Natalie Weiner

Where Is the Frank Ocean Album?

A handy guide on how to look out for Frank’s second album.
Ryan Bassil

The New Generation of Russian Indie Rock Is Finally Here

Seven bands you need to know from Moscow's Bol Festival.
Vladimir Kozlov

Why Don't Women Sing about Their Friends More Often?

While male musicians often big up their squads in song, girls are only just getting round to singing about female friendship in all its forms.
Kat George
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The Noisey Guide to Aaliyah

She wore pants to her prom, she survived R. Kelly, and she even made Damon Dash a nice human being.
Jo Fuertes-Knight