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Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Thrill-Chasing Daddy Issues and Punky Minimalists Girlpool

The Dean of American Rock Critics takes on Nashville trio Daddy Issues' two studio LPs and Girlpool's new record, 'Powerplant.'
Robert Christgau

From Mess to Magic: Inside the Mind of Brooke Candy

Ahead of her official debut album, we spoke to the club-rap-turned-pop artist about drugs, sobriety and queerness in the era of Trump.
Daisy Jones

Brooke Candy’s New Track "Paper or Plastic" Is a Pure Shot of Sparkling Pop

The track is a sweet and sticky taster from her forthcoming Sia-produced album.
Daisy Jones
college football

"I Don't Remember Him Ever Being Happy": The Joyless Dominance of Alabama's Nick Saban

College football coaches have never been a joyful lot, but the unauthorized biography of Alabama's Nick Saban reveals a man who is both brilliant and perpetually unhappy.
Michael Weinreb

We Asked Three Experts How to Deal with Daddy Issues

Most importantly, we learned that calling someone "Daddy" in the bedroom is absolutely fine.
Sophie Saint Thomas

Drinking with Daddy Issues: Talkin' 'Bout Boners, Feminism, and Having Sex at the Mall

"If you’re a feminist, you’re going to make feminist work, whether you intend it to be or not."
Allison Hussey
Girl Writer

What It's Like to Have Mommy Issues

Having a Jewish mother is like having a mother times ten. Not only does she have to know what you're doing today, but she also has to know whom you're doing it with, why, where, and will it cost money?
Alison Stevenson

My Return to Therapy

I spend all day lying in bed with the curtains drawn; I can't name more than two things I'm good at doing. I know I'm depressed, and I'm finally starting to get some help.
Megan Koester

Is It OK to Be Happy That My Grandma Died?

My grandma passed away. The profundity with which I do not care about her death cannot be overstated.
Megan Koester

The VICE Guide to Dating Rich Girls

As long as you realize she only keeps you around to annoy her parents, it's gonna be fun.
VICE Staff