String Cheese Is Threatening This New York Town's Water Supply

When Kraft Heinz started making string cheese in Lowville, it added jobs—but started taking much of the town's water.


The 'Cheebab' Is the Vegetarian Kebab For People Who Love Cheese

As far as taste goes, the Cheebab has a combination of cheddar, halloumi, and Raclette vibes.


British Creamery Smells So Fucking Rank that People in Surrounding Neighborhood Can't Sleep

Davidstow residents have described the odor as "a cross between gone off fish and cheese, with a bit of sewage chucked in."


The FDA Is Suddenly Obsessed with the Definition of 'Yogurt'

It looks like Big Dairy wants the Trump administration to strip the label from soy- and nut-based versions of the creamy stuff.


Milk Doesn't Make You Phlegmier, OK?

It's unclear where this dairy-maligning myth started, but it's time to banish it once and for all, a new study says.


Many 'Vanilla' Ice Creams Contain Precisely No Vanilla, Milk, or Cream, Study Says

In some “ice creams,” cream and milk were replaced with partially reconstituted dried skim milk, whey protein, and palm or coconut oil.


This 3,200 Year Old Egyptian Cheese Is Cursed With a Deadly Pathogen

The cheese, made from both cow and sheep/goat milk, is contaminated with infectious bacteria.


Trump's Tariffs Are Kicking California's Dairy Industry While It's Down

Nearly 140 California dairies have shuttered in just three years, and things only seem to be getting worse.


Excellent News: Cheese Is Healthier Than We Thought

Our whole life has been a lie!!


'Single-Origin Milk' Is for People Who Want to Know Their Cows

“One might be creamy and taste like ice cream, while other bottles might be very fresh or sweet,” Matthijs Baan writes.


Dropping Milk Prices Are Increasing the Risk of Dairy Farmer Suicides

One cooperative is offering mental health services in hopes of reversing this worrisome trend.


WTF Happened to Government Cheese?

Does anyone remember that cheap dairy by-product that stunk up American kitchens from the late 70s to the early 90s with the stench of stinky gym socks?