Daito Manabe


These Ghostly Dancers Are the Closest We've Come to 'Star Wars' Holograms

Japanese artist Daito Manabe debuts newly-invented holographic technology at Sonar+D.


[Premiere] Take a Nighttime Drone Flyover at an Augmented Reality Airport

Japanese artist and programmer Daito Manabe turns FaltyDL’s song “Shock Therapy” into a miniature sci-fi scene.


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The interactive site comes on the release day of Nosaj Thing's new EP 'No Reality'.


Nosaj Thing Is Dropping His First EP in a Decade This Week

The five-track 'No Reality' includes a cut written entirely on an iPad.


A Cyber Illusionist Makes Magic with Drones

Forget pulling a rabbit out of a hat, this magician pulls 24 drones out of a briefcase.


[Exclusive Premiere] Nosaj Thing & Daito Manabe Team Up with Dancing Drones

"Cold Stares" ft. Chance The Rapper + The O'My's sounds like a dystopian nightmare, reads like Noh theater, and watches like a robot's perspective on David Mamet.


8 Projection-Mapped Performances That Have Us Dancing with Our Computers

Projection mapping provides a whole new world of interaction between performers and processors.


Watch 3D Projections Transform Dancers into Constellations

'Right brain' is the new augmented reality performance from Daito Manabe, Rhizomatiks, and elevenplay.


Watch a Modern Dance Battle Between Drones and a Human

Avant-garde drone choreography comes alive in Daito Manabe and Elevenplay's 'Shadow.'


Japanese Dance Company Choreographs Performance With Drones

Daito Manabe's drone-aided collaboration with Japanese dance troupe Eleven Play brings a new meaning to "rise of the machines."


Daito Manabe's Projection-Mapped Dancers Are A Visual Treat

Daito Manabe shows he's the master of projection mapping moving objects with this visually stunning performance.


The Art of Hacking Human Faces: Meet Daito Manabe

The artist discusses electrifying people's faces and turning shoes into musical instruments.