Dakota Access Pipeline

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These families are at the mercy of pipeline companies that want to build across their backyards

Louisiana is a unique place for oil and gas companies. If they say they need your land, they can use it
Agnes Walton
Rise Up

As More Pipelines Threaten Jobs and the Environment, Americans Are Pushing Back

Our energy future depends on the fight between local communities across America and large corporations.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Great Lakes Citizens Demand Shutdown of Underwater Pipeline Threatening Their Water Supply

With potential for a devastating oil spill for two lakes and huge swaths of coastline, activists are taking a stand.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

FOIA: How Police Convinced the FAA to Put a No Fly Zone Over Standing Rock

"We need to ensure the movement of law enforcement trying to protect the innocent is not being broadcast live by the use of drones."
Jason Koebler & Sarah Emerson
Rise Up

Meet the Pennsylvania Protestors Camping in Trees to Fight Pipeline Construction

The 350-mile Mariner East II pipeline would carry fracked gas liquids across the state, but a new protestor encampment wants to stop it.
Jessica Rohan
Impact Water

The Navajo Nation Can't Go It Alone in Their Struggle for Clean Water

Activists felt the defeat in Trump’s allowance of the Dakota Access pipeline, but there’s another fight to be won in the American southwest.
Madeline Moitozo
Impact Water

Rural America Hates Pipelines Too

A group of farmers in Amish country Pennsylvania are creating a new kind of grassroots resistance, but don't call them activists.
Jessica Rohan

Drone Journalist Faces 7 Years in Prison for Filming Dakota Pipeline Protests

Police called his use of the drone "an act of violence."
Jason Koebler

The Dakota Access Pipeline Is Already Leaking

And the Standing Rock Sioux are worried.
Cole Kazdin
The Restless Youth Issue

Photographs of Dakota Pipeline's Last Holdout of Demonstrators

Photographer Larry Towell has spent years documenting Native American issues in Canada and the US.
Larry Towell
Standing Rock

Oil is now flowing into the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe

Lake Oahe was the main point of contention in a months-long battle against the controversial project led by the Standing Rock Sioux.
Hilary Beaumont

How Standing Rock Birthed a New Generation of Independent Left-Wing Media

A crew of journalism collectives and livestreamers were more effective at covering the movement than the mainstream media.
Cheree Franco