First Dates

I Took Kate Nash to an East End Pool Club on a First Date

And we mainly spoke about mushrooms, the internet and astrology.
Daisy Jones
Noisey Hitlist

If You Haven’t Heard 19-Year Old Suzi Wu, Then You Need to Hear Her Debut EP

'Teenage Witch' sounds exactly like how London feels.
Daisy Jones

Looking Back at Labyrinth, the East London Rave that Still Lives Long in the Memory

We spoke to Joe Wieczorek, promoter of the legendary Dalston club night.
Nick Thompson

Does It Matter That Nightlife for Queer Women in London Is Kinda Dead?

The LGBTQ clubs we have left are still primarily considered spaces for gay men—and that's not changing anytime soon.
Daisy Jones
Japanese cuisine

Chicken Butts Make the Best Skewers

London's Jidori restaurant serves the ancient Japanese cuisine of yakitori, chicken poked onto wooden sticks and set over hot coals. “We use every part of the chicken. The liver, the heart, the bum,” says owner Brett Redman.
Laura Martin
Objectively Correct Lists

Every Rihanna Persona, Ranked in Order of Most Rihanna

From Always On Holiday Rihanna to High AF Rihanna, who does it best?
Daisy Jones and Emma Garland
we saw this

The World Needs PWR BTTM

I found the best fucking band in the world playing the back room of a London pub, in all their queer and sparkling splendour.
Lauren O'Neill
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Steak Pie and Chips at One of the Oldest Cafes in London's East End

Arthur’s is a classic East End cafe, preserved, if you will, in corned beef jelly. “I do things like stewing steak with boiled peas,” says the eponymous Arthur Woodham, now in his 76th year of service at the cafe. “You don’t get many cafes doing that...
Natalie Hardwick

Yarrow Plant Could Make You a Less Awful Drunk

There’s no consensus on what yarrow—a plant known for its anesthetic qualities—does mentally. “But I’ve read reports of people using it with alcohol to take away the negative effects and stimulate conversation,” says British forager Richard Osmond.
Gareth May
Social Media

We Spoke to the Guy Behind the Dalston Kebab Shop with 23,000 Twitter Followers

Mangal 2 in East London is as famous for its acerbic tweets as it is for its adana kofte. “No other restaurant was tweeting anything unrelated to the restaurant industry,” says Ferhat Dirik, who began manning the Twitter account in 2011.
Gareth May

The Golden Age of Internet Radio was Born in a Shack in East London

NTS changed the way the world thinks about radio, while staying true to its London roots.
Michelle Lhooq

London Club Dance Tunnel is Set to Close in August

Hackney licensing laws are being blamed for the closure of the basement nightspot.
Josh Baines