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Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Shares Dan Deacon-Produced New Song and Video “Dunce”

Listen to the Baltimore band's first track off the strange new, Dan Deacon–produced full-length, 'Riddles,' out later this spring.
Param Anand Singh

Abdu Ali and Dan Deacon Spark and Howl on "Liberate Yaself"

We spoke with the Baltimore underground heroes about their new track and the collaborative process.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey Interviews

Does It Get Any More America Than This Bob Dylan- and Dan Deacon-Themed Ballet?

NYCB wunderkind choreographer Justin Peck talks with Noisey about 'The Times They Are Racing,' a nod to Dylan in dance form, set to Deacon's 'America.'
Sarah Bellman
thump news

Holly Herndon, Dan Deacon, Gunnar Haslam and More Musicians Mourn the Death of Pauline Oliveros

Musicians from across the globe offered their memories and reflections on Pauline Oliveros.
Britt Julious
festivals 2016

Welcome to Pickathon, America's Wild Festival Paradise

It's sustainable, diverse, passionate, and completely unique. We spoke to the artists at the Oregon festival to see what makes it so special.
Donovan Farley

Dawn Richard & Julia Holter Talk Sensations, VR, and Visual Artwork

At FORM Arcosanti music festival, we spoke to the talents behind 'Blackheart' and 'Have You In My Wilderness.'
Charlie Ambler
festivals 2016

We're Pretty Sure FORM Arcosanti Wasn't a Desert Hallucination Because These Pictures of It Rule

The third annual Hundred Waters-curated mini festival played host to jaw-dropping performances from Four Tet, D∆WN, Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius, and more.
Rocco Avallone

SOPHIE Joins Massive NYC Performance Art Team to Co-Score a Piece on Authority

Musicians also include Caroline Polachek, Dev Hynes, Dan Deacon, and Pictureplane.
Michael Scott Barron

What We Learned From the Animators of Dan Deacon's “When I Was Done Dying” Music Video

9 artists teamed up to create an exquisite corpse music video for a special episode of Adult Swim's 'Off the Air.'
Becky Chung

Dan Deacon's No Longer Making Music Like He's Trying to Run Out of a Burning Building

We talk to the Baltimore musician about the new LP and Bill Murray, plus listen to Anamanaguchi's exclusive remix of "Feel the Lightning."
Bret McCabe
Festival Season!

​Caribou and Dan Deacon Taught Hipsters How to Dance at Noise Pop

"It was at Caribou that I found myself grooving in between two furries and a bearded lady. No joke."
Jemayel Khawaja

Dan Deacon Talks About His New Album and Being Addicted to Stress

"I use stress as a motivator... I was like, 'Oh I can get anything done at the last minute.' But then I realized that I was addicted to the feeling."
John Norris