Dan Savage


Cozy Up to These Digital Yule Logs

Holiday cheer in animated form.


Why People Are Fighting to Get Polyamory Recognized as a Sexual Orientation

A global debate over whether polyamory is something we do or something we are has challenged our ideas of identity, sexual rights, and their legal limits.


Why Cum Leaks from Your Vagina After Sex

Is something wrong when the walk to the bathroom feels like a Double Dare Physical Challenge?


How Dickslap Saved Seattle

Without Dickslap, nightlife on Capitol Hill might have been censored for good. The party's still going four years later.


Dan Savage's HUMP! Tour Teaches Straight Dudes That Realistic Gay and Lesbian Porn Is Hot

Every year regular people become porn stars for a weekend at Dan Savage's HUMP! Film Festival. This year Savage has taken 20 of the short films on tour across America, teaching straight dudes to love gay porn and realistic lesbian sex along the way.


New And Old Animation Styles Combine For Adventurous Short Film, "Helium Harvey"

This new short film is the closest thing to Looney Tunes' "Merry Melodies," since Adventure Time.