Dan Snyder


Washington Claimed Reuben Foster Because they Can Get Away with It

With Washington claiming Foster—arrested on domestic violence charges last weekend—NFL teams are proving they are as bulletproof as they seem.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Dan Snyder Sends Signed Photo to Fan Who Just Wanted to Keep Kirk Cousins

Washington's owner got a letter from a fan begging him to keep Cousins no matter what, and Snyder apparently didn't want to justify it with a response.
Liam Daniel Pierce
scot mccloughan

What is Going on With the Washington NFL Franchise?

Technically, Washington has a GM and they are paying him. But he is not involved with the team at all.
Sean Newell

Poll Finds Most Native Americans Don't Care About "Redskins" Nickname

A new poll finds that nine in ten Native Americans are not offended by Washington's team name.
Sean Newell
dumb football

Dumb Football with Mike Tunison, Week 16

The undignified death of dabbing, the long-awaited Ari Fleischer-Peyton Manning collab, the Washington Football Entry's moment of gloatin, and a triumph of scheduling.
Mike Tunison
jason hatcher

Jason Hatcher "Must Be Going Crazy," Doesn't Remember Suggesting Ref Bias Based on Washington's Racist Name

Jason Hatcher doesn't remember causing a shitstorm with talk about referee bias.
Sean Newell

Washington's Bid to Save Racist Trademark: "Take Yo Panties Off" Clothing Can Do It, Why Can't We?

Washington has a pretty stupid idea for trying to save its racist trademark.
Sean Newell

RGIII Forced to Apologize for Liking Instagram Post that Called Dan Snyder a "Sorry Ass" Owner

RGIII liked a post on Instagram that was complimentary to him, and critical of Dan Snyder. Get out the knives.
Sean Newell
Robert Griffin III

Reports Have Kirk Cousins Starting Over RGIII

It looks like Washington is moving on from Robert Griffin III.
Sean Newell
nfl dos and donts

NFL Dos and Don'ts: The Washington Redskins

The team from Washington is essentially one big Don't, but we found a do or two from 2014.
Sean Newell
washington football

Washington Football Team Makes Improvements to Game Day Experience

Washington has announced several new and exciting changes to the game-day experience at FedEx Field. We highlighted the best of the best.
Sean Newell
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: How The Washington NFL Team Got Its Controversial Nickname

Eighty-three years ago, Washington's current NFL team was born as the Boston Braves. The story behind the franchise's eventual nickname has nothing to do with honor or courage.
Jack Moore