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Two more Republicans go down in California as the blue wave grows

Democrat Katie Hill officially captured Los Angeles County’s final Republican House seat from Rep. Steve Knight
Rex Santus
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GOP Congressman dined with alleged Russian spy in D.C., new reports show

The accused Russian spy got close to at least one Congressman and a member of the Rockefeller family, who claimed last year his pro-Russia views didn’t make him a “useful idiot.”
Christianna Silva
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Sacha Baron Cohen’s “kinderguardians” with guns prank is already turning into a campaign issue

A congressional challenger is now campaigning on a Sacha Baron Cohen prank after his Republican opponent admitted on camera that he supports putting guns in the hands of children.
Alex Lubben
Christianna Silva

The GOP has a marijuana problem that only Trump can fix

Jeff Sessions’ new war on weed has left several Republican lawmakers and Trump allies fuming.
Keegan Hamilton
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least 20 dead in Texas floods, North Korea threatens more unrest in Pacific, Joel Osteen opens doors to flood evacuees, and more.
VICE Staff

High Schoolers Deliver Science Textbooks to Their Climate Change-Denying Congressman, Are Sent Away Via Intercom

The students say they'll use their first ever vote against Dana Rohrabacher if he doesn't acknowledge the threat from climate change.
Jason Koebler
Weed Week

Legal Weed Is the Last Bipartisan Cause in America

On Capitol Hill, a few Democrats and Republicans are coming together to push for marijuana legalization. Do they have a shot?
Eve Peyser

A Trump crackdown on legal weed could cost the U.S. a quarter million jobs

Keegan Hamilton
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Congress May Block the Feds From Arresting People for Medical Marijuana

A pending budget proposal includes an amendment that would block the Department of Justice from using taxpayer money to interfere with state medical marijuana laws.
Colleen Curry

US Congressman Opens Climate Change Denial Conference with Rant Against Water Fluoridation

The elderly crowd at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas loved it, but lobbyists for the oil and gas industry can't be happy with such a goofy display.
Lee Fang