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Israel Adesanya Steals the Show at UFC 230

Jack Slack breaks down all the big moments from a great night with quality fights up and down the card.


How Daniel Cormier Killed the King

With a first-round knockout of Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, Cormier is now the world champ in two weight divisions.


Clash of Kings: Tactical Guide to Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier

At UFC 226, Cormier could do something truly remarkable by grabbing the UFC heavyweight title, and Miocic might just be the right kind of fighter for him to do it against.


Volkan Oezdemir Has No Time to Waste in Pursuit of UFC Glory

Oezdemir came out of nowhere to become one of the UFC's top light heavyweights after his MMA career appeared over before it had really started.


Anthony Johnson Will File a Complaint With New York Commission Over "Towel-Gate"

More fallout from yet another bungled MMA event in New York.


Daniel Cormier Gets Away With Leaning on a Towel, While Pearl Gonzalez Gets Busted for Having Breast Implants

The New York State Athletic Commission drops the hammer on a UFC newcomer while letting a champ get away with one.


The Tactical Guide to Rumble vs. Cormier

We study the habits of both men and ask whether Cormier can hold back the clock, or if Johnson can find the patience necessary to dispatch the reigning light heavyweight champion.


Daniel Cormier Says He Wants Rematch With Jon Jones Even If the Former Champ Is Using PEDs

The UFC light heavyweight champion is officially obsessed.


Fight Doctor – Don't Blame AKA, Cormier Was a Set up for Another Injury

Is sparring too hard the culprit of yet another injury from the hardnosed camp, or was it simply the inevitable result of a bum knee?


My First Fight: Daniel Cormier

In today’s My First Fight, we talk to Daniel Cormier about his less than traditional ascent from bullied child to MMA champion.


The Shadow of Jon Jones Looms Over Daniel Cormier

If Jones remains a shit-talking ship passing in the night, Cormier's championship reign will be forever marred by circumstances beyond his control.


Weighing the Last-Minute Options of Daniel Cormier

In a grim twist, Jon Jones has been pulled from UFC 200. Can the UFC find a replacement opponent for Daniel Cormier?