Smash That Like Button for This Pineapple Gin Smash

When Naren Young of Dante recently came by the MUNCHIES garden, he had the bright idea to combine juicy hunks of just-cut pineapple with pineapple sage leaves plucked from the plant. Add gin, green Chartreuse, and a dash of pineapple vinegar, too, to...


We Tried NYC’s Futuristic Escape Room and it Hacked Our Brains

It’s like 'Mr. Robot,' with puzzles, set in Koreatown.


MUNCHIES Presents: Italian Rabbit and Polenta With Danny Smiles

In this episode of Giardinos, Le Bremner chef Danny Smiles gives props to Elena Faita, the godmother of Italian cooking in Montreal. He gets a crash course on a hearty northern Italian rabbit and polenta dish—perfect for Montreal’s brutal winters.


A Former Orthodox Rabbi Reveals Himself Through Taboo Sexual Art

Russian artist Vartan explores his identity in the artistic realm through powerful mystical sculptures.


​'Making Maxine's Baby' Features Medusa, Leatherface, and Dante as a Female Hobo

In Caroline Hagood's latest book, a rich New Yorker gives up modern life to live in the subway tunnels.


The Devil, Advocated: ‘DmC’ Remains a Fresh Breath of Fire

Flamed on its original release by series fanboys, 'DmC' deserves its second chance on new-gen consoles.


It's Art: Resuscitated CPR Dolls & Dante's Divine Comedy

Today, The Creators Project presents Thomas Zipp's "Effects of Stimulus-Range and Anchor Value on Psychophysical Judgement (The Laerdal Rehearsals)."


Take A Journey Into Hell With Pharrell Williams' Head And A Soundtrack By Ennio Morricone

Yi Zhou’s The Greatness takes us on a surreal journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.


What Would You Win a Gold Medal In?

"It would be absolute chaos!" I hear you cry. "Completely unimplementable, particularly in an age of recession. Think of the staffing issues." Well, maybe, but at least it would be fair. And what's more important: feasibility or our shared dream of...