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White House wants women to register for draft, Trump picks James "Mad Dog" Mattis as defense secretary, French president François Hollande will not run for second term, and more.
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A Bunch of High Schoolers Recreated Martin Shkreli's Overpriced HIV Drug for $15

A group of 16- and 17-year-old boys was able to recreate Daraprim for just $2 a pill.
Lauren Messman
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Watch: Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

An exclusive interview with the new poster child of capitalistic greed.
Allie Conti

Hated 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's Former Pharmaceutical Company Files for Bankruptcy

KaloBios Pharmaceuticals filed for Chapter 11 protection just a week after it fired Shkreli as its CEO. He also resigned as head of Turing Pharmaceuticals after he was arrested two weeks ago on fraud charges related to yet another drug firm.
2015 the year in review

Americans Started to Really Pay Attention to Drug Price Hikes in 2015

Martin Skhreli's infamous 5,000 percent price increase for an anti-parasitic drug had one positive effect: it outraged Americans enough for them to pay attention to the practices of an otherwise opaque pharmaceutical industry.
Sydney Lupkin

Here's the Full Text of Martin Shkreli's Criminal Indictment

The FBI arrested the controversial pharmaceutical CEO on seven counts of fraud.
Jason Koebler
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That Pharma CEO Everyone Hates Isn't Lowering the Price of That $750 Pill After All

"It's always been affordable," he told Bloomberg on Wednesday.
Mike Pearl

Drug Company Taking on Hedge Fund Dick's Pharma Startup Might Be Bending FDA Rules

A San Diego compounding pharmacy says it plans to come to patients’ rescue by offering a cheaper version of Daraprim and other drugs whose prices have skyrocketed in recent year — but will the FDA allow it?
Sydney Lupkin
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Another Company Will Start Offering Martin Shkreli's $750 Pill for a Buck

The internet's most hated dude has been undermined yet again.
Drew Millard

Clinton and Sanders Both Raise More Money Than GOP Rivals — But in Different Ways

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each list Big Pharma among their favorite enemies, but donations from drug companies are still pouring in for at least one of them.
Liz Fields
Martin Shkreli

A Pill Doesn't Have to Cost $750 To Be Outrageous and Exploitative

Turing is just a symptom of much deeper pharmaceutical woes.
Michael Byrne
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Did Big Pharma Dickhead Martin Shkreli Offer to Pay His Ex-Girlfriend $10,000 to Go Down on Her?

An anonymous woman claiming to be his ex has released what she says are sleazy messages from this week's most hated man on the internet.
River Donaghey