Sudanese military will not extradite ousted president despite genocide charges

The new leaders also said they didn't intend to remain in power.


I Was Kidnapped, Imprisoned, and Tortured in Darfur

Veteran documentarian Phil Cox has visited Sudan several times since 2004 to shed light on atrocities and human rights abuses there. His last visit was very different.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama said the 9/11 bill is a "dangerous" mistake, teachers in South Carolina were praised for saving lives during Wednesday's school shooting, the US teen birth rate falls to a new record low, and more.


Darfur Voters Cast Ballots in Referendum Over State Unification

Analysts and diplomats say the Sudanese government opposes a unified Darfur, concerned that this would give the rebels there a platform to push for independence — just as the south successfully did in 2011.


Sudanese Security Forces Have Been Raping and Burning Women Alive in Darfur

A new report draws on interviews with 212 victims and witnesses to outline crimes allegedly committed by Sudan's Rapid Support Forces, which were established in 2013 to fight rebels in Darfur.


Sudan's President Dodges Potential War Crimes Arrest By Hopping on Private Jet

Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir defied a judge's order forbidding him from leaving South Africa after the ICC asked officials there to arrest him.


Sudan’s President Could be Arrested for War Crimes After Court Blocks Him From Leaving South Africa

A South African judge barred Omar al-Bashir from leaving the country due to arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court over alleged war crimes in Darfur.


Stage Set for an Escalation of Violence Following 95 Percent Victory in Sudan Elections

The 71-year-old head of state who has been in power since 1989 won re-election with nearly 95 percent of the vote amid low voter turnout and an opposition boycott.


Watch Our HBO Report on the Genocide in Darfur

In the finale of our second season, we go to Darfur, where atrocities are still happening, even though the global community has mostly stopped paying attention.


VICE News Capsule - Thursday, February 12

Serbia bolsters border patrols to stem flow of migrants, Sudanese troops accused of mass rape in Darfur, Tehran's drop-in centers for the homeless and drug-addicted, and a Cambodian minister wants to re-educate teenagers about Valentine's Day.


Sudanese Soldiers Reportedly Raped Hundreds of Women Over Three Days in Darfur

A Human Rights Watch report investigating a mass rape by Sudan's army in Darfur collected accounts from victims and eyewitnesses and compiled the names of 221 women and girls who were violated.


The United Nations Had a Tough Year in 2014

The UN hosted bickering over conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq while it assisted unprecedented numbers of needy people and weathered a damaging peacekeeping scandal.