Dark Energy


Scientists Are Chasing an Ancient Signal That Could Explain the Modern Universe

The faint, 12-billion-year-old signal would lead scientists to the very first stars and illuminate the origins of the modern universe, dark matter, and, well, everything.


A New Theory Unifies Dark Matter and Dark Energy as a ‘Dark Fluid’ With Negative Mass

Can one of Einstein’s forgotten theories solve the riddle of why 95 percent of the stuff in the universe appears to be missing?


We went around the world searching for dark matter

An abandoned gold mine ​in South Dakota and the dry desert of Chile are two key sites where the scientific work is happening.


The Astronomer Who Is Building the Largest Map of Space by Volume

Mark Halpern and his team are in a race against time to study dark energy's role in the expansion of our universe.


The Physicist Building the World’s Most Precise Clock

Advanced timekeeping could help unify quantum and gravitational physics, predict earthquakes, and navigate in deep space.


Theoretical Physicist Erik Verlinde Says We Don’t Need Dark Matter to Explain the Universe

Watch Verlinde deliver a talk on his "new view" on gravity tonight.


New Supernova Analysis Questions Dark Energy, Cosmic Acceleration

Timescape cosmology offers a way around one of the universe's best mysteries.


This Huge Telescope is Built Like A Halfpipe and Hunts for Dark Energy

Dark energy is driving the accelerating expansion of the universe. No one knows what it is.


Scientists Say That, Yes, We Live in a Giant Gaping Void

It’s the largest void known to science.


New Research Says Dark Energy Doesn't Need to Exist

It doesn’t have to be this way.


The Expansion of the Universe Appears Faster Than We Thought

The results of a new study are close, but slightly faster than, the generally accepted rate.


How Breaking One of the Most Basic Physical Laws Might Explain Dark Energy

Fudging the law of conservation of energy offers a new perspective on dark energy.