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God, Guns, and Freedom: Noisey Shreds with Slayer

In this first episode of our new metal series we head to Comic Con in San Diego to hang out with the gods of thrash.


Gerard Way’s ‘Doom Patrol’ Comic Continues to Amaze

Plus, ‘Hawkeye’ writer Kelly Thompson tells us her favorite comics of the week.


Wolf Cops, Swamp Monsters, and BLOOD: This Week in Comics

The best horror comics, just in time for Halloween.


Vintage Sci-Fi Comics Are Back and Better Than Ever

Comics were never weirder than they were in the 70s.


Hollywood Horror and Deep Space Oddities: This Week in Comics

This week's best comics aren’t from Marvel or DC—and that shouldn’t surprise you.


It's Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens This Week in Comics

In terms of comics, it was quite possibly the single best week this summer.


Marvel Fan-Fiction and Scottish Indies: This Week in Comics

We haven’t read fanfic this good since we wrote it back in sixth grade.


Ms. Marvel, Lobster Johnson, Savage Dragon, Sword of the Unicorn: This Week in Comics #28

From lobster detectives to dragon cops, shape-shifting high schoolers, and unicorn fighters, these are the best comics of the week.


Buffy, Merry Men, Dark Horse Presents, and Faith: This Week in Comics #27

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is back to beating down the “Big Bad” in this week’s comic roundup.


Weird Detective, The Beauty, The Sixth Gun, Descender: This Week in Comics #22

A Lovecraftian detective story and a supernatural western make the cut in this week’s comic roundup.


Aliens, Hellcat, Faith, Power Lines: This Week in Comics #15

Representation is just as important as kicking ass in this week’s comic roundup.


First Look: Moebius’ The World of Edena English Edition [Exclusive]

Dark Horse Comics is publishing all Moebius' works in English language editions. Here’s a sneak peak of the first entry, ‘The World of Edena’.