German Label Prophecy Productions Wants to Conquer the American Metal Scene

The extreme metal-focused label just opened a new U.S. office, a daring move in a changing industry. Will their gamble pay off?


Kolbotn​ Black Thrashers Condor Return with 'Unstoppable Power'

Stream the deadly new album from these Norwegian black/thrash hellions, out 4/28 on High Roller


Darkthrone Debut New Song, "Tundra Leech;" Come for the Riffs, Stay for Fenriz's Commentary

The Norwegian gods are back with a new dose of slow heavy metal, accompanied by characteristically detailed commentary from the one and only Fenriz.


Norwegian Black Metal Doc 'Blackhearts' Offers Patrons the Chance to Sell Their Souls to Satan

Help fund this globe-spanning black metal documentary by buying one-of-a-kind items from members of Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved, and more.


Hail Canada! An Ode to Metal from Up North

We had members of Fuck The Facts, KEN Mode, Mitochondrion, the Ross Bay Cult, and more weigh in on the best Canadian metal bands and why our neighbors to the North are so great at slaying riffs.


Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of January 30 with Joanna Angel

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Aussie Grinders Blood Duster Oust Half Their Lineup Over "Interest in the Heavy Metal Band Anthrax"

Guitarist Scott (AKA Beltsy or Belt Thrower) and drummer Dave Haley (AKA Dive Taxation Forms) are outta here.


This Video Will Blow Your Mind: Experience Fright Catalog's Absurdist Extreme Metal Poetry

Joseph Mosconi explores the language of death in a whole new way.


Death to False Satanism

A member of the Church of Satan debunks some black metal myths like church burning and goat sacrificing.


Fenriz (of Darkthrone) Goes Postal

The living black metal legend discusses his life in the Norwegian postal system and the uncertain status of Darkthrone’s next album


Stream Obliteration's New Album and Experience True Death

Norwegian Hatred Out on November 11th