daron cruickshank

    • 5.4.18

      The Stylistic Subtleties of Rizin's Karate Boys

      Kyoji Horiguchi and Daron Cruickshank punch and kick faces. Both go about it in interesting ways, and they make Rizin the must-watch event of the weekend.

    • 12.29.16

      Rizin 3: Combat Sports Comfort Food

      Rizin prides itself on freak fights, a lack of drug testing, and nostalgia, but the young Japanese promotion put together another fun night of fights. We discuss all the best moments and the disastrous open weight grand prix.

    • 1.16.16

      One to Watch: Daron Cruickshank vs Paul Felder

      Like most UFC cards in Boston, UFC Fight Night 81 is teeming with great fights. Here’s why you should catch the bout between Daron Cruickshank and Paul Felder.