¿Darth Vader?


Kylo Ren Is the Greatest Star Wars Villain of All Time

Admit it.
Brogan Morris
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A High School Was Evacuated After a Student Showed Up in a Darth Vader Costume

Authorities later determined there was no threat, just a Sith lord trying to make it to class on time.
Lauren Messman
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'Samurai vs. Totoro' and More Stunning Murals Meet at POW! WOW! Hawaii

The Hawai'ian art community welcomed muralists and sculptors from all over the world for a huge festival, complete with a traditional feast.
Beckett Mufson
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The New 'Rogue One' Trailer Proves the Movie Probably Won't Suck After All

It might not turn out to be a life-defining film, but it will almost certainly keep you entertained for a few hours while you're stuck with family over the holidays.
River Donaghey
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Here's the 'Rogue One' Trailer but Don't Get Too Excited

Everything we've seen from teasers and trailers make the movie look like superb, but can we trust them?
VICE Staff

Gory Anatomical Portraits Show Beloved Icons' Blood and Guts

Street artist Nychos dissects pop culture icons in anatomical portraits at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.
Nathaniel Ainley

This Artist Draws Jar Jar Binks in Margiela and Boba Fett in Supreme

Illustrator John Woo draws your favorite Star Wars characters wearing couture.
Antonio Pacheco
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‘Star Wars: TIE Fighter’ Is the Game That Taught Me to Enjoy Being Evil

And once I was done killing Rebels, I came to realize how easily those closest to evil can be blind to its truth.
Sean Cleaver
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‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Is Not a Very Good Game

The newest piece of Star Wars–related content to hit the public looks cool, but fails to deliver anything approaching a good time.
Matt Lees

Meet ‘Darth Vader,’ the Man Upending Ukrainian Politics

We talked to Darth Vader and Chewbacca, of Ukraine's Internet Party, to talk about political corruption and their hope that the country's parliament will one day be run by computers.
Alex Lubetkin

What It Feels Like to Have Your Own Army of Sci-Fi Super Fans

Actor Paul McGillion talks about the legions of admirers he's gained from his role on "Stargate Atlantis."
Thomas Hobbs

Meet Charth Vader, My Visually Impaired Son

Photographer Ashly Stohl documents her visually impaired son, Charlie, as he navigates the world and masters the Force.
Ashly Stohl