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Professional Dart World Rocked by Allegations of Heinous Farts

“It’ll take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose."
Drew Schwartz

How an Astrophysicist Used Math to Take the Math out of Darts

A new pub chain is looking to make darts more accessible to younger people by creating automatic scoring technology. It's harder than you think.
B. David Zarley
open thread

A Perfect Score in this Darts Game Briefly Became My Gaming Everest

So many arrows, so many 140s. Which made me think about the challenges that we’re all chasing in our playtime.
Mike Diver
It's Science

Why You're Better at Beer Pong After a Few Drinks

A little alcohol can have surprising effects on your muscles and coordination.
Alexandra Ossola
Yakuza 0

On the Simple Pleasure of Just Entertaining Yourself in ‘Yakuza 0’

Being asked to take five (or even fifty), have some fun, and not worry about those thugs—how nice is that?
Mike Diver

Gastropubs Are Killing London Darts Culture

A third of central London pubs have either removed their dartboard or closed altogether—something remaining landlords say is down to the “gastrification” of pubs. “It’s been more than decimated. People get more money out of food,” says darts fan Justin...
Luke Slater

At the Pub with 'Dark Destroyer' Deta Hedman, the World's Best Female Darts Player

The best female darts player in the world on how she got started, racism in the game, and her frustration with the disparity between men's and women's tournaments.
Joe Bish

Meeting England's Drunk, Dedicated Darts Fans

"Why did you just show us your testicles?" "I'm in the Navy, it's what we do."
Daniel Dylan Wray, Photos: Natasha Bright

What the Hell Happened at Australia's Dart Tournament Riot?

On Saturday night, a couple of hundred people rioted at Melbourne's Darts Invitational Challenge.
Julian Morgans
australian darts riot

Australian Darts Event Devolves Into Oompa-Loompa Chaos

Folks dressed up as the Boy Wonder, Oompa Loompas, and Knights rioted at a darts competition in Australia.
Sean Newell

I Just Fell in Love with Darts and I Don't Care if You Hate Me for It

The millions of people who watch darts live or on TV aren't doing so because there's just something they inherently love about men throwing things. They're here for the drama, the stories, how ludicrous the whole thing is.
Joe Bish

Let's Play Darts!

Who are these fancy dressed morons? Who gave them those signs? Who are the fat men? Why does throwing darts at a wall make them sweat? Why do they all look like they spend their Sundays drinking alone in dive bars? Oh, they're the future of sport. Oh...
Luke Overin