data art


Artists Turn Skateboarding Tricks into Awesome 3D-Printed Sculptures

Using tracking electronics and software, artist Paul Ferragut of Convivial Studio is turning skateboarding tricks into works of art.


Massive Robotic Instrument Turns Smartphone Data into Sounds

Using hardware and software, artist Andrius Šarapovas created a massive musical composer.


The Roads of the Roman Empire as a Subway Map

All roads lead to Rome, and now you can understand them at a glance.


A Cyber Architect 3D-Printed the Brain's Response to Love

53 stories of love become 3D-printed mandalas of emotion in 'LOVE PROJECT.'


This Painting Was Made With Someone’s Memories

A tech studio can turn your brainwaves into art with an algorithm.


Meet the Artists Who Want the "Pi Project" to Become the Biggest Installation in the World

Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher’s 'Pi Project' will see them track, over decades and across the globe, a near endless series of sculptures based on pi’s numerical sequence.


Hundreds of Facebook Images Get Transformed into Piano Music

In Daniel Watkins’s ‘All My Friends’, hundreds of images get transformed into 24 hours of music.


Data Paintings, 3D Printings and You Guessed It—More Technology—at London's Affordable Art Fair

From June 16th–19th, London’s Hampstead Heath will host thousands of artists, some taking a creative approach to incorporating tech.


Become a Surveillance Tourist with a Live Police Radio Installation

Belgian data artist Dries Depoorter exposes the tourist-voyeur in all of us.


Computer Data Grows Like Vines in ‘Enter the Machine’

Artist and programmer Eric Corriel taks microscopic photographs of file data in his latest exhibition.


In ‘AMYGDALA,’ Twitter Emotions Bathe Viewers in Sounds and Light

The Italian digital arts group fuse* returns with a quadrophonic, circular multimedia spectacle.


Abstract Paintings Bring Sculptural Data to Life

Hayal Pozanti bridges the analog and digital worlds by painting with encrypted symbols.