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Data Hoarders Are Plotting an Archive of Tumblr Porn

It’s not the first time Reddit’s data hoarding community has saved content that is about to be purged from the internet, but this archive carries some risk.
Daniel Oberhaus
data hoarding

This Data Hoarder Is Downloading the Metadata of Roughly 10 Billion YouTube Videos

Reddit’s data hoarding community is all too familiar with massive archival projects, but collecting all of YouTube’s metadata presents some unique challenges.
Daniel Oberhaus

Start The New Year With Newly Declassified Nuclear Test Footage

Decades-old films show the sheer power of nuclear warheads.
Samantha Cole
data hoarding

Inside the Insane Plan to Build an Unofficial Archive of All of Instagram

Instagram is trying to shut down the project, which has already archived nearly 600 TB of photos from tens of thousands of accounts.
Daniel Oberhaus

Before it Shut Down, an Archivist Made a Torrent File of Eroshare's Nudes

Roughly a terabyte of homemade erotica has been saved from the brink of the recycling bin.
Samantha Cole
data hoarding

A Redditor Archived Nearly 2 Million Gigabytes of Porn to Test Amazon’s ‘Unlimited’ Cloud Storage

1.8 petabytes of porn is roughly 293 years of smut. Better start watching.
Samantha Cole

A 15-Year-Old Has Saved an 80GB Archive of Apple Videos From YouTube’s Censors

A massive archive of files deleted by YouTube has been saved as a huge torrent file.
Samantha Cole

The Data Hoarders

In an era of mega-breaches, digital packrats are amassing, swapping, and sourcing leaked passwords and other personal information like any other collectible.
Joseph Cox

How the Corpse of MySpace Will Feed the Future's Content Farms

MySpace was acquired by Time, Inc, because content farms and social networks aren’t that different at this point. They are both pages of content, usually produced by humans, used to sell advertisements against.