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DataCamp CEO Steps Down After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Prompt Backlash

DataCamp co-founder and CEO Jonathan Cornelissen stepped down after sexual misconduct allegations promoted teachers to boycott their own classes.
Caroline Haskins

DataCamp Teachers Boycott Their Own Classes Following Sexual Misconduct by Executive

Instructors say that the online data science learning platform has failed to meaningfully address an incident that happened at a company gathering in 2017.
Arielle Gordon
data science

The Data Scientist Tracking America’s White Supremacists

Emily Gorcenski is using her background as a data scientist to keep track of white nationalist court cases.
Matthew Gault

How to Harness Data Science for Experimental Creative Writing

NYU professor Allison Parrish describes a new frontier in marrying textual analysis and poetry.
Michael Byrne
Big data

Big Data's Unexplored Frontier: Recorded Music

The open-source Digital Music Lab aims to fill a hole in the Big Data frontier.
Michael Byrne
Deep Ass Questions

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, 69: How Much Does Lil Wayne Rap About Going Down on Women?

One brave soul set out to perform a statistical analysis of the data available.
Asher Dakota

Europe’s Largest Data Observatory Turns Big Data into Big Images

Because humans are good at recognising patterns in images.
Emiko Jozuka
All Fronts

How the Military Sifts Through All the Data on Earth

It's a no-brainer that the military uses big data, but the scope is even greater than you may realize.
Kaleigh Rogers

In Social Networking, 'Weak' Connections May Be the Most Powerful

Sociologists are modifying models of how humans interact, thanks to Facebook.
Ben Richmond
Opinion and Analysis

OkCupid and Facebook Aren’t the Only Ones Manipulating You, but That’s No Excuse

In the digital or physical world, we should be able to point to specific acts of deception and bad faith and say, “that’s fucked up.”
Natasha Lennard