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An Artist Dug Up the Secret Prehistory of Governors Island

Using core sampling hardware to drill beneath the manicured surfaces of New York Harbor's former military post, David Brooks conducted a deep dive into the unique site's human and non-human past.
Ian Bourland
weak in review

Offense, Defense, And Watching Sports With Your Eyes Open: David Roth's Weak In Review

This was a bad week for people that value the rituals of reverence around sporting events more than they do the conflict that's at the heart of these games. Good.
David Roth

A New York Times Columnist Admits He Should Probably Be Arrested

David Brooks totally smoked weed when he was a teen but now he knows better. Therefore, marijuana should be illegal throughout the US, according to a column the New York Times blowhard recently brought into the world.
Harry Cheadle
Motherboard Blog

Hey David Brooks: 'Born in the USA' Is an Anti-War Song

Despite what you have been told, David Brooks is not an actual human being. Every week the New York Times columnist punches into work before reviving the role of celebrated and commonsensical populist. It’s this farce that allows him to churn out...
Michael Arria
Motherboard Blog

Conservative Columnist Calls For Less Reason, More Touchy-Feely "Mindsight": David Brooks at TED

At TED last week, maestro Chris Anderson introduced conservative columnist David Brooks as “a truly brilliant synthesizer of knowledge,” and he proved it in his interesting (if largely unoriginal) tour of the intuitive mind, which he described as...