David Graeber


Your Job Doesn't Matter

According to David Graeber, we should be excited for robots to take our bullshit jobs.


Debt-Ridden Students Protest in Brighton (Extra Scene from ’The Student Debt Sentence’)

In this extra scene, debt-ridden students in Brighton protest outside the corporations and banks they think are evading tax, which they say if collected could make education free.


The Student Debt Sentence: The British Election

Whilst politicians avoid the contentious issue of higher education, VICE News follows the student protesters taking to the streets and occupying campuses.


Anthropologist David Graeber Explains Why Dead-End Jobs Exist

His latest book, 'The Utopia of Rules,' is an attack on capitalism's love affair with bureaucracy


Activists Plastered the London Tube with Posters Telling People Their Jobs Suck

I spoke to David Graeber, whose slogans adorned the posters, about why most work is a total waste of time.