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Obama Will Be the First Guest on Letterman's New Show

The first episode of the Netflix interview series drops January 12.
VICE Staff
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David Letterman and His Beard Are Leaving Retirement for a Netflix Talk Show

The 'Late Show' star will return to television to interview "the people he finds most interesting."
River Donaghey

These Were the Best Late-Night TV Moments of 2015

From sit-downs with Joe Biden and Edward Snowden to a panel on black fatherhood and Letterman's sign-off, here are the ten most memorable moments from late-night TV this year.
Jenna Marotta

Stephen Colbert's Transition into the 'Real' Stephen Colbert Has Begun

The new host of "The Late Show" introduced himself to America last night to high ratings, but his inaugural episode as David Letterman's replacement was a mixed bag.
Jenna Marotta
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Here Are the Best Clips from David Letterman's Final Show

"I'll be honest with you—it's beginning to look like I'm not going to get 'The Tonight Show'."
Drew Millard
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David Letterman's Legacy in Electronic Music is Small but Real

Here are the eight most pivotal electronic music performances from Dave's 'Late Show.'
David Garber
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Bill Murray Pulled Some Bill Murray-Ass Shit Last Night

First he jumped out of a cake on 'Letterman,' then he fell out of a chair on MSNBC.
Drew Millard

David Letterman Showed Me How Comedy Could Be Subversive

Comedian Jake Fogelnest looks back at the late-night host who smashed the genre into a million pieces.
Jake Fogelnest

Dance Music Is My Religion: Chromeo's Dave 1 on the Dangers of EDM Dogma

"Dance music is reduced to one idiot standing behind unplugged CDJs jumping around and waiting for the drop."
David Macklovitch

We Compared the Public Apologies of a Mysogynistic Comedian and a Sexist Pick-Up Artist

As Julien Blanc, the Canadian pick-up artist, is denied entry to the UK, we take a look at who came off worse: him, or Dapper Laughs—the comedian who sings a song called "Proper Moist."
Eleanor Morgan
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David Letterman

Fashion Cat is a powerful and important artist who is a cat. This time around, Fashion Cat is having a nightmarish appearance on David Letterman.
Alex Schubert

One of Japan's Biggest Pop Stars Is A Schoolgirl Hologram

Plus, she's pretty kawaii.
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