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David Ortiz Surprised Aly Raisman with 'Girl Power' Shirt at Red Sox Opener

The former Boston Red Sox first baseman and the gymnast were on hand for home opener at Fenway Park.


Yakkin' About Baseball: Operation Shutdown Comes For Us All

A frank discussion of a baseball season that is barely old enough to be discussable, and also a visit to Jason Bay Hyundai And KIA.


Big Papi Takes You on Swivel Chair Tour of His Retirement, And It's All Good

He just wants you to know that his life is chill as fuck, and that you're always invited over. Gracias, Papi.


The End Is Never Right, It Just Is: So Long, David Ortiz

David Ortiz could not control how his career ended, but no one will remember him for how his career ended.


​MLB Commissioner Gives David Ortiz a Pass on Failed PED Test from 2003

Commissioner Rob Manfred says the survey used to inform MLB's PED policy was unreliable—at least in the case of the beloved David Ortiz.


David Ortiz Doesn't Need Baseball Anymore

You probably have to go back to Ted Williams, and the .316/.451/.645 line he put up in 1960, to find a superstar who walked off the field with so much left to give. And make no mistake: the Boston Red Sox slugger is going out on top.


David Ortiz Rips Donald Trump on Behalf of All Immigrants

David Ortiz did not mince words when speaking out against Trump's anti-immigration stance.


Apparently David Ortiz's Face is Carved into this Corn Maze of Lies

Finding Ortiz's face in this maze might be harder than finding your way out of the maze itself.


So, This David Ortiz Bobblehead is a Nightmare

This bobblehead is a disaster.


The Mariners Got David Ortiz Some Pretty Weird Retirement Gifts

What exactly is David Ortiz going to do with 34 pounds of fish before the game? Smell?


The Best May Be Yet To Come For the Quietly Brilliant Carlos Beltran

He isn't spoken of as loudly as his contemporaries, but Carlos Beltran hasn't run out of hitting magic.