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Good for David Price, World Series Hero

The Red Sox pitcher was dominant in Game 5 to lock down the World Series for Boston.
Sean Newell
david price

David Price Getting the Dreaded Dr. James Andrews Second Opinion

David Price experience elbow/forearm discomfort after a simulated game and had an MRI.
Sean Newell

False Stars: The Red Sox Pitching Problem, And What They Can Do About It

The Red Sox have one of baseball's best offenses, but the back half of their rotation is a disaster. That is going to have to change, but it won't fix itself.
Matthew Kory

Watching the Boston Red Sox, While They're Still Weird

Right now, the Red Sox are a dazzling offense yoked to a miserable pitching staff. They'll improve at the trade deadline, but let's savor the oddity until then.
Robert O'Connell

Jackie Bradley Jr. Is Terrorizing the Pitchers of Major League Baseball

After struggling through parts of two seasons, Jackie Bradley Jr. started to figure it out with the Red Sox last year. This year, he's taken the leap into stardom.
Rian Watt
this particular week in baseball

Price Is Wrong, Bryce Is Walking, Cubs Are Crushing: This Particular Week in Baseball

In which good teams shrug off bad free agent signings, Bryce Harper is bypassed without shame or repercussion, and Robinson Cano shreds the league in secret.
Matthew Kory

Recovering Ballplayer Vol. 3: The Wade Davis Experience

The dominance of Wade Davis brings up existential questions about the nature of MLB pitching staffs.
Fernando Perez
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The End of the Reserve Clause

Players like David Price and Zack Greinke have Peter Seitz, and his monumental ruling against baseball's owners in 1975, to thank for their recent record-setting contracts.
David Berri

What to Expect at Baseball's Winter Meetings

It's nearly time for baseball's annual early-winter celebration of hyperactive speculating, wild overspending, deal-making, and reckless tweeting. Get ready.
Jonathan Bernhardt
Boston Red Sox

With David Price, the Red Sox Are Playing a Different Game

The Boston Red Sox have built World Series winners through savvy player development and value signings. Now they're going to try to do it by spending big.
Matthew Kory
Mike Francesa

Please Listen to Mike Francesa Read the News of the Day

Mike Francesa can't talk.
Sean Newell
will the real david price please stand up

David Price's Chance to Change the Narrative and Save the Blue Jays' Season

David Price can pitch the Blue Jays one game closer to the World Series, and silence a lot of skeptics along the way.
Chris Toman