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This Interactive Tool Lets People See How Climate Change Will Screw Up Their Towns

Canadians can now explore the impacts of climate change where they are, and see what's being done about it.
Stephen Leahy

Canada’s New Science Officer Will Have a Tough Job—Here’s Who We Think Can Do It

We're going to need a real badass for this one.
Jordan Pearson

We Asked Canadian Experts on Climate Change: Are We Screwed?

Much of Canada's wealth is tied up in the same extractive industries that are the number one contributor to GHG emissions. On the eve of the Paris climate summit, it and other nations are asking: have we catastrophically screwed ourselves?
Hilary Beaumont
Canadian election

Here's Why Environmental Groups Are Afraid to Speak Out in Canada's Election

Three environmental charities say they're keeping quiet after government auditors told them last year not to appear partisan. One group was warned against even mentioning the 'Harper government'.
Hilary Beaumont

Canadian Protesters Stopped an Oil Company from Drilling on Burnaby Mountain—for Now

Activists successfully put a stop to Kinder Morgan's work, but it might not be enough to permanently halt work on a pipeline.
Sarah Berman

This Pipeline Project Will Transport More Oil From Canada's Tar Sands Than Keystone XL

Energy giant Kinder Morgan has proposed to expand the capacity of an existing pipeline that runs through British Columbia, triggering protests and over one hundred arrests.
Sarah MacDonald

These Nuclear Physicists Think David Suzuki Is Exaggerating about Fukushima

Just when many of us were already asking “WTF is going on in Fukushima?” along comes venerated Canadian scientist David Suzuki with the most ominous warning yet. It's no surprise the eco-guru's warning spread like a nuclear meltdown on social media...
David P. Ball