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Restaurant Temporarily Closed After Decomposing Body Leaked Through Its Ceiling

A worker from Siam Corner Thai Kitchen told an officer that there was a strong smell in the kitchen and a red liquid was leaking through the ceiling.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Dead People Are Posting Anti-Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC Website

“Friends of recently-deceased individuals…confirmed their friends could not have posted the comments posthumously.”
Daniel Oberhaus
Post Mortem

What Happens if You Vote and Die Before Election Day?

Let's say you send in an absentee ballot and then you drop dead. Does your vote still count?
Simon Davis
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How Living People Are Wrongfully Pronounced Dead

Each year, about 1,000 living people are erroneously added to the Death Master File, a database of every American who has died since 1936.
Simon Davis
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Thailand Is Planning to Send Drunk Drivers to Morgues as Punishment

Thai authorities want drunk drivers to "feel the pain, so that they may understand and attain a good conscience."
Helen Donahue

Debt Collectors Make a Killing on the Debts of the Dead

When someone dies, their debt doesn't just disappear—and in some cases, debt collectors resort to bullying, deception, and manipulation in order to get the money they're owed.
Arielle Pardes

The Little Death: Living and Loving as a Necrophiliac

Turns out there's more than one way to sexualize a corpse.
Daniel Oberhaus
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The Internet Is Mad that These Hearse Drivers Ditched a Body to Go Get Burgers

"Would it have mattered? It's a dead body," says one Facebook user. "They where about to bury it in the ground, where it will get wet, fester and decay. I think it could sit in a car for a bit."
Hilary Pollack

The World of Hearses Just Had One of the Strangest Weeks Ever

Four incidents in one week highlight just how hard it is to maintain the air of dignity we insist on from our corpse-mobiles.
Mike Pearl
Post Mortem

Gravestones from the Past Were Way Cooler Than They Are Today

Headstones today are as boring and lifeless as the bodies that lie beneath. But in the past, headstones were a way to show the person's personality with quotes, miniature sculptures, and elaborate artwork.
Simon Davis

Burying the Dead in Alaska Is More Complicated Than You'd Think

Death in Alaska is complicated, but this guy seems to have it figured out.
Cody Liska
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Should Photographing Corpses Be Illegal?

In a world where photos of corpses can circulate around the internet and cause distress to grieving families, does it make sense to formally ban anyone taking pictures of dead bodies?
Simon Davis