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Youth Clubs File Class Action Lawsuit vs. MLS Players Union and Dempsey, Yedlin and Bradley

A dramatic restructuring of the U.S. youth soccer system may occur as a result of a lawsuit that was filed in federal court on Friday.


Shite Teams Sunderland and Chelsea Traded Spectacular Goals on the Day

Squeaking out of relegation in style.


U.S. Youth Club Given OK To File Complaint With FIFA Regarding DeAndre Yedlin Transfer

FIFA gives youth club permission to file a complaint regarding solidarity fees.


U.S. Youth Club Petitions FIFA For Right To Collect Fees on DeAndre Yedlin

One U.S. youth club is challenging U.S. Soccer's stance toward payment of solidarity fees.


Will MLS Players Really Go On Strike?

MLS's frank assessment of league players is dictating its stance during CBA negotiations, which has led to an impasse in talks.


Aron Johannsson's Injury Hell Is Finally Over

Aron Johannsson, the Icelandic-American striker, is finally back on the field after a long World Cup hangover that hardly anyone knew about.


The MLS Exodus That Wasn’t

Jurgen Klinsmann wants to see Americans at the biggest clubs in Europe; the Americans want to stay home. In this game of transfer chicken, who blinks first?


DeAndre Yedlin and the Future of Major League Soccer

Should the rising star go off to seek fame and fortune in Europe? And should MLS let him?