Dear Esther


How Family Ties Influence the Creation of Indie Games

These excerpts from the new book 'Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation' focus on three studios revolve around singular partnerships.


'Dear Esther' Offers A Different, Romantic Sort of Apocalypse

The debut game by The Chinese Room makes us confront our cosmic smallness. Also you walk a lot.


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What (two of) the team at Waypoint was playing last month.


What VICE Gaming’s Been Playing: September 2016

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By Giving Religion Short Shrift, Video Games Ignore Part of What Makes Us Human

The lack of religious engagement in games is frustrating, because it's an avenue of human experience that the medium could certainly do justice to.


What Would the World be Like if Peaceful Video Games Were More Popular Than Hyper-Violent Ones?

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Ten Things I Love About Video Games in 2015

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'The Sailor's Dream' Is the Ideal Video Game for People Who Don't Like Video Games

The upcoming title from Simogo is a "challenge-free experience in which you explore a nonlinear story through words, music, sounds, and illustrations.” Sounds sort of like a jumbled-up book.