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This Catholic Priest Makes a Better Martini Than You

Father William Dailey is a noted priest and lawyer who is currently the Thomas More Fellow at Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics & Culture. During his off-hours, however, he’s a major cocktail geek.
Aaron Goldfarb

Here Are Some Very Potent Tiki Drinks to Help You Make It Through Election Day

The key to surviving Election Day is tiki drinks, like the Beach Goth from Death + Co. and the Pineapple Royale from San Francisco's Tonga Room.
Munchies Staff
new year's

Every Cocktail Recipe You Need to Survive New Year’s Eve

Give 2015 the send off it deserves with a cocktail from one of MUNCHIES’ favourite bartenders. Guaranteed to be more fun than the “rad nye house party!!!” you got a Facebook invite for in November.
Munchies Staff

Speed Rack Bartenders Are in a League of Their Own

Speed Rack is the underground, international, all-woman Olympics of speed bartending. After all, it takes nimble bartenders to obliterate the stale image of the genius mixologist and his supporting cocktail waitress.
Samantha Garcia

Joy Division Recipe

At Death + Co., we often name our cocktails after musical references. This is one of my favorites.
Phil Ward

From Wyoming to Vegas, I Was Desperately Seeking Cocktail Culture

While trying to figure out how to open my own bar, I went from tiny cowboy town Jackson Hole, WY to a job as a VIP host at one of Vegas's biggest nightclubs.
David Kaplan
New York

My First Great Cocktail Made No Sense Whatsoever

At 24 years old, my dream came true when I got a job at one of the best cocktail bars in New York, Death + Co. But I had no idea what I was doing when I made my first great cocktail there.
Alex Day

Light and Day Recipe

The first drink I created for Death & Co breaks a few rules (e.g. using fresh orange juice in a stirred cocktail) but it turned out delicious enough to not get me fired.
Alex Day