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A Tarantino-Inspired Filipino Filmmaker Takes on Duterte’s ‘Death Squads’

‘Manila Death Squad’ is funny and beautiful—until it gets super dark.
Beckett Mufson
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The Philippines' war on drugs death toll is growing too quickly to count

Since President Rodrigo Duterte's election, thousands have been killed, but nobody is quite sure what the accurate body count is.
Davide Mastracci

Peru is investigating whether police raids were run by death squads in disguise

The probe, which has been embraced by Peru's new government headed by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, reportedly focuses on 96 officers linked to raids in which police allegedly executed 27 presumed gangsters.
Simeon Tegel

New President of the Philippines Says Citizens Who Kill Drug Dealers Will Get Medals

Rodrigo Duterte, the tough-talking president-elect of the Philippines, campaigned on the single issue of crushing crime and the drug trade in the country.
Tess Owen
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The Philippines' Death Squad-Loving New President Has Some Surprisingly Progressive Plans

The president-elect plans to to fill his cabinet with women and ethnic minorities, but is also feared by those who document extrajudicial killings in the city he's governed.
Aurora Almendral
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One of the World's Most-Wanted Nazis Just Won a Big Legal Victory

Helmut Oberlander, a former translator and shoe shine boy with an infamous Nazi death squad, will be in Canada for the near future, as a court orders his case reconsidered — again.
Justin Ling

'Look of Silence' Director Joshua Oppenheimer Talks Art, Confrontation, and Genocide

The director of "The Act of Killing" and "The Look of Silence" has made two documentary epic poems about long-ignored Indonesian war crimes.
Mike Pearl
Balls Deep

Sewers of Bogota

Baby Balls ventures into the sewer system of Bogota, Colombia, where the city’s crack-addicted children seek shelter from the paramilitary death squads prowling the streets.
VICE Staff