Asteroid Dust Could Help Cool the Climate, Scientists Say

A new study links an asteroid collision to a cooling period and a burst of biodiversity 466 million years ago, and suggests that asteroid dust could help the climate crisis today.


Watch China's Space Station Fall to Earth

The 34-foot long spacecraft was mostly destroyed during reentry on Friday, though some debris fell into the South Pacific sea.


Watch Scientists Torch a Satellite to Help Protect People From Space Debris

Burning up satellite parts in laboratories could help reduce the amount of space debris that impacts Earth.


Houston is bringing in other towns' garbage fleets after Harvey

VICE News spent the day with the City of San Antonio’s solid waste management department as they were deployed to the neighborhood of Kingwood to clear the streets.


Rocket Wildfire in Kazakhstan Kills Member of Clean-Up Crew

Hot, windy weather may have exacerbated the grass fire that killed a rocket debris collector on Wednesday.


Millions of pieces of plastic trash have washed onto an uninhabited island

More than 37 million pieces of plastic waste have washed onto an uninhabited island in the South Pacific.


A Piece of Space Junk Has The Best, Most Existential Twitter Account

An art project imagines what a piece of space junk would say if it could talk back to Earth, and to other decommissioned satellites in orbit.


Space Junk Orbiting Our Planet Has Become a Big Mess

NASA estimates that more than 100 million man-made objects the size of a grain of salt and larger are circling the planet, risking damage to the International Space Station and other objects in orbit.


Researchers Want a Robotic Space Cleaner to Digest Debris and Turn it into Fuel

The idea is for the debris to take the place of gases like argon and xenon.


As 9/11 Responders Battle Cancer, They Also Battle a Looming End to Compensation

People near Ground Zero during and after the attack on the World Trade Center are still getting sick, but an act passed to provide care and compensation is set to expire next year.


MH370 May Have Landed, Not Crashed, on the Ocean

The state of the found flaperon could indicate the missing plane landed in one piece before sinking.


Officials 'Increasingly Confident' Debris Is From MH370

A volcano erupted on the French Island of Reunion, where debris from the vanished plane were first discovered on Wednesday