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Blue Jays Mailbag: Baseball Bloodlines, Osuna's Salary, the Future in CF

Do bloodlines inflate a prospect's value, is Pillar the answer in center field, and does Toronto need more speed? Andrew Stoeten answers those questions and more.
Andrew Stoeten

Losing, Loss, And Jose Fernandez: David Roth's Weak In Review

Jose Fernandez's death was a terrible loss for his game and his team. What came after was sad, but also a necessary start on a long journey.
David Roth
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The Marlins first Game after Jose Fernandez's Death was Strange, Sad, and a Little Bit Normal, Too

There was a lot to digest during the game in which the Marlins paid tribute to Jose Fernandez, some of it was very sad, and some of it was just baseball.
Robert O'Connell
dee gordon

Dee Gordon Honors Jose Fernandez in First AB, Hits Home Run, Breaks Down After Crossing Homeplate

This is simply an unbelievable moment.
Sean Newell
Jose Fernandez

​Marlins to Wear Jose Fernandez No. 16 Jerseys Against Mets Tonight

The Miami Marlins will pay tribute to Jose Fernandez at Marlins Park tonight by wearing his uniform number.
Dave Brown

The Marlins are Playoff Contenders—Despite Giancarlo Stanton's Disappearance

The Marlins are 39-34 despite their best player having a career worst season, and their all-star second baseman being suspended for PED use.
R.J. Anderson

Baseball Won't Fix Its PED Problem Until It Fixes the Incentives That Create It

Baseball players have always cheated, from spitballs to steroids. MLB should keep on testing and punishing cheaters, but there's a bigger fix, if they want it.
Jonathan Bernhardt

Recovering Ballplayer Vol. 8: Performance Enhancing Drugs and the Secrets We Keep

Sometimes positive drug tests can threaten baseball's self-image. Nobody has a better view of PED use than the teammates of players who are using.
Fernando Perez

Marlins Second Baseman Dee Gordon Suspended 80 Games for PED "Stack"

Don't do drugs, kids.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Dee Gordon Dunks on Chris Yelich During Post-Game Interview

Chris Yelich drove in the winning run for a Marlins extra-innings victory over the Rays. Then Dee Gordon dunked all over his face.
Sean Newell

Dee Gordon Never Wanted to Play Baseball

VICE Sports sat down to talk with Dee Gordon about his journey to becoming an All Star.
VICE Sports

The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

Daniel Norris signed a bonus worth just over $2 million to join the Blue Jays organization out of high school, but he lives in a van.
VICE Sports