deep cuts


An Appreciation of Drake's Deep Cuts

On this episode of October's Very Owned, we dig into some of Drake's lesser appreciated tracks... but also Jim Carrey movies.


Houston Underground: The Bayou City’s New DIY “Golden Age”

It’s a pretty good time to be a music fan in Houston, a city in the middle of a DIY renaissance, with a new venue opening up seemingly every week. It’s a small but passionate community. Diverse, both musically and culturally. And it’s growing.


I Saw Jay Z Play All His B-Sides on My Birthday and Remembered Why He Is the Greatest

Jay Z promoted TIDAL with a concert of rarities and unexpected cameos for diehard fans in New York City.


The Sci-Fi Movies That Predicted the Modern Sports Apocalypse

The golden age of dystopic sci-fi movies somehow predicted every awful thing about modern sports. No, seriously.