The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump eyes aid cuts over UN Jerusalem vote, US life expectancy falls as drug deaths rise, at least 18 injured in Melbourne car attack, and more.
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This London Suburb Has More North Korean Defectors Than Anywhere Else in Europe

New Malden, a.k.a. Little Pyongyang, is a defector paradise. I went to this suburb of southwest London to meet Joo-il Kim, a North Korean defector and editor of the <em>Free NK</em> newspaper.
Roxy Rezvany

A North Korean Feast in Manhattan with Recent Defector Joo Yang

Joo Yang, a 23-year-old defector, has brought along some smuggled ingredients from her home country’s black market.
Jakob Dorof

Seoul Asylum: The Brutal Existence of North Korean Defectors

You can take the defector out of North Korea, but you can't take the North Korea out of the defector. When Seoul feels heartless, the Christian church and reality television must heal the wounds that refugee status cannot.
Vikram Gandhi

'I Realized I'd Been Brainwashed': The North Korean Defector Living in London

"I grew up seeing many cases of people being taken to prison because they had said one wrong word. We have a saying: 'There is an ear, even on the wall.'"
Kim Joo Il, as told to Tabitha Lasley

I Tried Joining the French Foreign Legion

Late last year, I decided it would be a good idea to join one of the only militaries comprised mostly by foreign nationals. A one-way plane ticket, a couple of layovers, and 22 hours of traveling later, I found myself in Aubagne, France.
Simon Bennett

I Refused to Join the Israeli Defense Forces

Late last year, Moriel spent time in a military prison for refusing to live out his childhood dream of being a military commando. Military service in Israel is mandatory by law for Jewish youth. Yet, only around half of those eligible enlist and many...
Alon Aviram
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Escape from North Korea - Hanawon Resettlement Center

Before a defector can officially become a member of South Korean society, he or she must complete a program at the Hanawon Resettlement Center.
VICE Staff

The Defector

He steps through the splintered front door of an apartment building, leans stoop-shouldered against a charred wall. Twenty years old. Gashes of stubble on his drawn cheeks, sharp chin. A sweatshirt too big for his narrow chest. Jeans, sneakers. Brown...
J. Malcolm Garcia