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Trump eyes aid cuts over UN Jerusalem vote, US life expectancy falls as drug deaths rise, at least 18 injured in Melbourne car attack, and more.


North Korean Media Backs Donald Trump and Calls Hillary Clinton 'Thick Headed'

A column carried on Tuesday by DPRK Today, one of the reclusive state's mouthpieces, described Trump as a "wise politician" and the right choice for US voters in the November 8 US presidential election.


Thirteen North Korean Restaurant Workers Have Defected to the South

A South Korean official said on Friday that the defectors couldn't meet the demands imposed by North Korean authorities on minimum amounts of their pay to be send back to Pyongyang.


North Korea Said to Threaten Families of Defectors with Death and Banishment

As Korean relatives reunited for the first time in decades, North Korea reportedly warned citizens that anyone caught helping families defect will be put to death, while their close relatives will be exiled to remote areas.


We Spoke to a North Korean Defector Who Escaped Terrible Working Conditions Overseas

As the UN announced it is looking into the issue, Mr. Kim told VICE News of the inhumane circumstances he experienced in Russia, while the North Korean state was awarded most of his wage.


This London Suburb Has More North Korean Defectors Than Anywhere Else in Europe

New Malden, a.k.a. Little Pyongyang, is a defector paradise. I went to this suburb of southwest London to meet Joo-il Kim, a North Korean defector and editor of the Free NK newspaper.


A North Korean Feast in Manhattan with Recent Defector Joo Yang

Joo Yang, a 23-year-old defector, has brought along some smuggled ingredients from her home country’s black market.


Seoul Asylum: The Brutal Existence of North Korean Defectors

You can take the defector out of North Korea, but you can't take the North Korea out of the defector. When Seoul feels heartless, the Christian church and reality television must heal the wounds that refugee status cannot.


Korean Thunderdome: A Four-Part Look at the Future of Korea

North Korea and South Korea have been staring each other down for nearly 70 years. What happens when one of them finally blinks?


Korean Thunderdome, Part 1: The Defector Dilemma

The first in a 4-part series on the Korean peninsula: North Korean defectors in the South struggle to be Korean in a whole new way.


'I Realized I'd Been Brainwashed': The North Korean Defector Living in London

"I grew up seeing many cases of people being taken to prison because they had said one wrong word. We have a saying: 'There is an ear, even on the wall.'"