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The Government’s Secret UFO Program Funded Research on Wormholes and Extra Dimensions

Documents released by the Department of Defense reveal some of what its infamous Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was working on.
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North Korea Is Closer to Building a Nuclear-Capable ICBM Than We Thought

Experts thought it would take the Hermit Kingdom until 2020 to develop the technology. A new report from the Pentagon shaves two years off that estimate.
Drew Schwartz
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The Pentagon Is the Latest Agency to Investigate Michael Flynn

The Department of Defense is looking into the payments Flynn received from Russia prior to becoming Trump's national security adviser.
Lauren Messman
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Donald Trump taps Michael Flynn for national security advisor

Jason Leopold
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Le agenzie di spionaggio sono come il porno di una volta

Molte agenzie di spionaggio stanno lentamente cominciando a utilizzare dati in open source.
Jennifer Peters
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Syria and Iraq Are Disintegrating, US Defense Intel Chief Says

Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart is pessimistic about the future of the two countries as violent sectarian conflicts rage within their borders.
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Exclusive: Inside Washington's Quest to Bring Down Edward Snowden

Documents obtained exclusively by VICE News reveal the eagerness with which members of Congress pursued information they could use to 'damage' Edward Snowden's credibility.
Jason Leopold
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Official Reports on the Damage Caused by Edward Snowden's Leaks Are Totally Redacted

VICE News obtained Defense Intelligence Agency documents concerning the alleged damage caused by the leaks. But they were essentially blank.
Jason Leopold

Official Reports on the Damage Caused by Edward Snowden's Leaks Are Totally Redacted

Jason Leopold