2016 US election

Delegates are struggling to afford attending the Democratic Convention

Jessa Lewis is just one of the many democrats saddled with thousands of dollars in expenses in order to make it to the DNC.
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

What Republicans Think of Kanye West

I decided to ask Republican delegates from all over the country if they needed Yeezus the way Kathy Lee needed Regis.
Wilbert L. Cooper
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Bun B's Convention Dispatch One: Rage and Racism in Cleveland

VICE's political correspondent scopes the scene on the night of Donald Trump's official nomination.
Bun B
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People at the RNC Are Watching a Ton of Porn, Apparently

According to popular porn site xHamster, porn viewership is up 184 percent in Cleveland ever since the RNC came to town.
VICE Staff

The Former Sanders Fans Who Now Say 'Fuck You, Bernie'

After Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, a segment of his supporters turned on him and are denouncing him for being just another sellout politician.
Christopher Ketcham
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Here's How Trump Could Lose the Republican Nomination

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' our political correspondent Bun B explains how a small group of insurgent Republicans could stop Trump from winning the party's nomination.
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2016 US election

Sanders and Clinton delegates are struggling to afford attending the Democratic convention

Delegates being asked to fork out $3,000 to $8,000 for the four-day convention say the costs are prohibitive to political participation.
Liz Fields
2016 US election

Sanders Still Won't Drop Out After Clinton Is Declared Democratic Nominee Twice Over

Hillary Clinton has more delegates and individual votes than Bernie Sanders, but the Vermont senator has vowed to take the fight to the Democratic Convention.
Liz Fields
2016 US election

'We Made History': Hillary Clinton Declares Victory

Clinton appeared assured of clinching a majority of pledged Democratic delegates as voting wrapped up in six states during the election's last big primary night.
Liz Fields, Ky Henderson, and Daniel Hernandez
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Bill Clinton Told Bernie Sanders Supporters They’ll Be 'Toast' on Tuesday

The former US president does not take heckling lightly.
Helen Donahue
2016 US election

The Magic Number: Trump Now Has Enough Delegates to Clinch the Republican Nomination

The Associated Press called the nomination for Trump after they found a handful of undeclared delegates who said they would vote for him at the Republican National Convention in July.
Olivia Becker
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Watch: Everything You Need to Know About a Possible Republican Contested Convention

Our political correspondent Bun B explains what would happen if none of the Republican candidates gets the majority of state delegates to win the presidential nomination.
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