venice beach

How to Eat Poke Like a Muscle Beach Body Builder

I went to Venice Beach in pursuit of some of LA's best poke, but it was Muscle Beach's hard bodies that showed me the proper way to enjoy this Hawaiian treat.
Alison Stevenson

A Cotton Candy Machine Helps These Scientists Grow Human Cells

Cell structures on a stick.
Samantha Cole

Fruit and Chocolate Crepes Recipe

The French indulgence stuffed with fruit, and slathered in hazelnut spread with whipped cream.
Kayden Kross
New Orleans

How a New Orleans Vampire and a Cajun Chef Made Blood Sausage Together

Self-proclaimed vampire Belfazaar Ashantison met with New Orleans chef Isaac Toups to learn about the intricacies of cooking with blood and partake in some together.
Phil McCausland

Watch Patsy's Rats's New Video for "Rock 'n' Roll Friend" with a Rock 'n' Roll Friend of Your Own

Patsy's Rats’s video for “Rock ’n’ Roll Friend” is a tribute to that friend you know is guaranteed to bring the party.
Annalise Domenighini
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Lemon Meringue Pie Is the Only Certainty in This Harsh World

It will help you through even the darkest of days and most alarming of existential crises. It will illuminate your life with beautiful, tangy, sweet, white fluff that restores your hope and faith in goodness and egg whites.
Munchies Staff

MUNCHIES Is Hiring a Recipe Editor

Could it be you?
Munchies Staff
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Fresh Tuna Tostadas Taste Like Cowabunga

Smothered with a spicy chipotle mayo and sprinkled with dried leeks and creamy avocado, this fresh tuna dish's flavor magic will last long past the first day that the thermometer dips below 63 degrees.
Munchies Staff
VICE vs Video games

Would You Kindly Read This Article on Gaming’s Greatest Plot Twist?

No video game of this or the previous generation has flipped its story quite as fantastically as 2K's original "BioShock."
Mike Diver

Melbourne’s Unhygienic Restaurants Are More Delicious Than They Look

A dirty, dirty restaurant may leave you hunched over the toilet screaming to god for sweet relief and a Sprite, but it's going to be a tasty journey.
Emma Do

Oh, Gorgonzola: You Dirty, Musky Thing, You

You may have seen this beasty blue on pizza or a cheesesteak, but you probably don't know the ancient tale of how it was accidentally invented by a guy trying to get laid. Are you more spicy or sweet?
Charlotte Kamin

British Puddings Are the Best in the World

The French can keep their crème brûlées, and the Italians their tiramisu—stodgy British puddings are the finest in the land. And when I say pudding, I don't mean that sloppy, wet American stuff. I'm talking about dense, edible heart attacks.
Eleanor Morgan