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Food Delivery Bots Are About to Invade Europe's Streets

There’s truly nothing more endearing and soul-crushingly terrifying than watching a bunch of robots go about and do tasks normally relegated to humans. That’s even more so the case when it’s 1:30 AM and a dead-eyed android is passing you a pizza from...
Alex Swerdloff

A Look at the Heroic Fast Food Heroes Who Got Blazed at Work

Is fast food just one big bastion of stoner happiness, not only for its customers but also for its employees?
Alex Swerdloff

This Cop Went Undercover as a Pizza Delivery Guy

To put an end to a string of robberies, an undercover police officer there donned a Domino’s Pizza uniform and apprehended a recalcitrant thief.
Alex Swerdloff

GPS Helps Pizza Deliverymen Navigate India’s Crazy Street Addresses

Indian locations of Domino's are partnering with an app that uses GPS to guide deliveries to locations without real addresses.
Alex Swerdloff

Why Using Your Car to Deliver Pizza Can Create a Huge Insurance Liability

One Salt Lake City pizza deliveryman learned that just because you have auto insurance, doesn’t mean your auto insurance company will pay for damage to your car.
Alex Swerdloff

Who Sent Julian Assange a Mysterious Texas BBQ Pizza?

Shortly after the announcement that the Metropolitan Police Service in London would stop its 24/7 monitoring of the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange is in asylum, a claim appeared on Twitter stating that Assange had ordered a bit of pizza—perhaps to...
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The Law

Three of the Biggest Food Delivery Services Are Being Sued by Their Own Drivers

GrubHub, DoorDash, and Caviar—three major mobile and online food-ordering companies—have just been named as defendants in a series of lawsuits filed in San Francisco courts.
Alex Swerdloff

You Can Now Order Pizza to Be Delivered Onto a Crowded Train in India

Pizza deliverymen: despite being the pimple-pocked, gallivanting key holders to humanity’s single greatest achievement, they are routinely subjugated to levels of abuse that would leave even a Klaus Kinski fever dream seeming pale by comparison.
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